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Rudy Wiley

The team of deacons led by Rudy Wiley and deaconesses led by Andrea Wiley add much to the smooth flow of weekly services at New Joy Fellowship. These departments also oversee the maintenance of the church and set the pace for the membership's contribution to renovation of the Howard Street property. Below, a slide show gives glimpses of one of the first clean-up details at that location. Photos for the slideshow below were taken by Janice Lewis and Ron Pride.

The deacons and deaconesses have important roles in the Communion Service. Adventists host the communion service or Lord's Supper on an average of 4-6 times per year. We partake of non-fermented wine (grape juice) and unleavened bread: symbols of Christ's blood and body sacrificed to pay for the sins of humanity. Adventists practice open communion, that is, we share the experience with believers of other faiths/denominations who believe that salvation was made by God's grace through Christ alone. Photos of a Communion service at New Joy Fellowship are below. The 5 photos in the slideshow below were taken by Janice Lewis.