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Godparent Program

New Joy Fellowship Seventh-Day Adventist Church
Godparent Program Guidelines
I accept the invitation to be a godparent, a supporting friend who assists the parent(s) to:
• Promote positive biological development of the child/children through attention to good health and nutrition practices.
• Promote emotional development of the children, helping them to learn and use positive ways to express their successes as well as address challenging experiences.
* Promote Christian identity through age-appropriate Bible study with the children..
* Promote social responsibility for the children by my own example and by providing social experiences for the children.
• Help the child/children to realize and reach their educational potential.
• Serve as good community role model who helps children converse about local, national, and world events.
________________________________________________   _______________
                                      Name(s)                                                               Date
I accept the invitation:
* To partner with the godparent(s) as defined above.
• To develop and grow a relationship as worked out with the godparent(s).
• Enable regular, pre-defined, one-on-one contact between godparent(s) and my child/children.
• To develop my own regular, pre-defined, one-on-one contact with the godparent(s)
• Accept responsibility for minimal rescheduling, notifying godparents well in advance when any appointments must be rescheduled.
________________________________________________   _______________
                                      Name(s)                                                               Date

Call 301-573-5311 if you'd like to have your child/children matched
with a godparent.

For more information on ministries to, for, and with children go to Children's Ministries.