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Natasha Armstrong, Superintendent
9:30 A.M. Saturdays

Classes and Teachers:
Adult Division:

  • William Royster
  • David Distan

Youth Division

  • Wayne Martin
  • Pastor William Lithicum

Children's Division:

  • Charlene Brooks
  • Nicole Martin
  • Natasha Armstrong

6 Reasons to Attend Sabbath School and
AccessThe Daily Bible Study Materials

• Click Here. to access Sabbath School lesson-study materials for all age groups and the College Quarterly daily podcast.

1. Participation in a rich and meaningful dialogue in organized study of a specific portion in God's  Holy Word.
2. Opportunity to ask questions about the lesson topic.
3. Opportunity to share insights of your personal application of the lesson principles.
4. Fellowship with other Christians.
5. A broader view of the worldwide work of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
6. Preparation of the heart and mind to receive the blessings of the divine worship service.

Bible Studies


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